Machine – Building Technological Institution


Area of cold metalling

It is possible to cover lay to 1,5 mm with solidity from 30 HRC, to 65 HRC. On the special area formed in the institution by means of cold on a work surface of crankshaft neck, used in various equipment, machines, and mechanism, different parts of the crown of gas-distributing shafts, prepared from cast iron and steel and spoiled in the result of abrasion. Application of this method in the production of the boss of the boring pump, gate, and saddle used in stirring increases the fastness up 2-3 times.

Universal vertical installation for training the surface working as a current of high frequency

On the basis of the project developed the institute mounts universal vertical installation of the high frequency working as a current, allowing making thermal processing various details such as shaft and bushing, and also cogwheels.

Mechanized installations for producing of profiles used in the constructions

Special installation projected and made by the institution is used in the cutting of the roll typed steel sheets which are <1,2 mm, width B<1050mm in different measures and curving corresponding to their different profiles.

Installation projected by institution may curve the pipes diameters Ø50 mm and profiles having different en segment made by aluminum